WISE Global

Our wonderful world is interdependent.  Everything we do has an impact on people and places near and far.  WISE believes in connecting your school’s sustainability with the bigger global picture. All our work emphasises the value of equipping young people with the skills, understanding and values to become active global citizens.  We help young people to explore themes around social justice, human rights and sustainable development in ways that  empower them to have their say on these big and important issues. One route for this is through working in partnership with  a school in another part of the world, using real relationships to enhance global dimensions in your school.

WISE can offer:

  • Support and training for successful partnerships with schools in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Professional training to support the nationally recognised Global Teachers Award.
  • Curriculum-linked projects and events on global topics such as food and farming, Fairtrade, human rights and development.
  • Inspiring, full day events such as African Gardens building or creating global gardens.
  • Activities that support the Global Citizenship strand of Eco-Schools.

Recent Wise Global activities:

  • Partnership with Send A Cow on ‘Grow it Global’ across the South West
  • Key Hole Garden construction with whole year groups at several primary schools
  • Global Gardens Inservice training for primary and secondary staff
  • Teachers’ study visits to India
  • Support for maintaining effective school partnership links.

Please contact us to discuss your needs

” A great opportunity to reflect on the possibilities of a school partnership – how to make it sustainable, child-led and part of the school’s vision”

Teacher attending Global School Partnership workshop  – March 2011