Professional Development

WISE realises that teachers can find sustainability topics challenging to deliver in a school environment. Through a range of professional development courses and events we can help you to keep up to date with new developments and acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to build a sustainable school community that has a global outlook.  WISE courses and events draw on many years of experience and are designed to be practical, relevant, value for money, friendly and inspiring.

WISE can offer:

  • Staff meetings, Inservice training and presentations on sustainability and Eco-Schools – these can be to governors, site staff, senior leadership and teachers.
  • One-off courses and conferences on current issues in sustainability education – these will include inspiring speakers, opportunities to share best practice and hands-on workshops and activities.
  • Now available – Global Gardening course as a twilight for your school – see the events page for more details

WISE Events

  • Event organisation and management – if you have an idea for an event on a sustainability theme (such as a student conference on climate change or a green careers fair) we can run your event for you or work with you to bring your ideas to fruition.
  • Collaborative events and projects with schools, local authorities and other organisations – we are always keen to explore and initiate partnerships that promote sustainability in the wider community.  We can achieve more by working together!



Our charges will vary depending on the time involved.  As a guide, staff meetings (or similar) £95, place on a training day £80-120, event organisation from £200/day, African Gardens Day (assembly+class sessions+practical gardening activity) £250.

“Your work with us gave our students a unique experience, one that they won’t forget!”